The Word for Today is… Honor

At the Verizon Heritage PGA Tournament in April of  2010, Jim Furyk
and English golfer Brian Davis were tied after the final round. This led to a
sudden-death playoff hole, which Furyk won. Davis lost not because his short
game failed, not because he sent the tee shot sailing way right; but rather
because he called a penalty on himself. While attempting to chip the ball onto
the green, he saw out of the corner of his eye that he had moved a loose reed
in the middle of his backstroke. He immediately called the judges over. After a
brief review, two strokes were added to his card.

Slugger White, the PGA Tour’s tournament director who administrated the penalty, said
Davis’ actions were classy and appropriate for a sport based on honor. White
said Furyk came to Davis after and asked he was sure it was a penalty. “I
know I did it,” White recalled Davis’ response, “and I couldn’t live
with myself if I didn’t.”

It is one thing to play a sport with honor, it is another thing to serve in a
profession of honor, but the greatest thing is to live a life of honor.

The word for the day, “HONOR.” Sir – This concludes my brief.

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“Nobody can acquire honor by doing what is wrong”

President Thomas Jefferson

“Those who honor me I will honor…,”

1 Samuel 2:30

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