Experience a unique view of David from the rooftop of a palace in Iraq.

When you hear the name David what stories come to mind?

If you are like me probably two: one about a giant and another about a woman.

What can we learn from the “man after God’s own heart”?  There are things we can learn from his successes and failures.

Our lives are full of peaks and valleys.  Throughout the journey we must draw near to God.  In our success we must praise Him and in our failures we must seek forgiveness and restoration.  Take a look at Psalm 51 and ask, “what does it mean to have a clean heart?”

What will God teach you from this story?  What can you learn from David?

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One thought on “David

  1. Good message showing the goodness in David & his selfishness that got him in trouble and sent him crying out to God.
    I had a hard time concentrating at first as you were walking along the wall without looking down.