Anger – Destruction in the Making

Anger is a basic human emotion, placed in us by the Creator of the Universe to help us survive.

But anger can get out of control and cause damage to those around us.

In this installment of the Chaplain Therapist, we will begin to look at the effects of anger on those around us as a starting point for personal change.

Enjoy this edition of the Chaplain Therapist and check back often to see new videos.

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Financial Freedom: The Colon Family Journey

Carole and I have been married for over 10 years. We are a blended military family with fourteen children. Out of our fourteen children, six children still reside with us at Ft Campbell, Kentucky. Upon committing to each another in marriage, Carole and I also committed to living a debt free life together.
Our debt free journey begins in June 2000, where our blended family had a debt balance well over $25,000. In the midst of a move from Fort Bragg, North Carolina to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, we stayed true to becoming debt free, creating and executing a debt free plan.

Carole home-schooled four of our children during the day while working at Wal-Mart during the evening. This opportunity allowed Carole to contribute to the families’ financial goals.

Although I had developed a six year debt free plan, Carole had a different idea.  She established a debt free plan that would be accomplished within 24 months. The family worked extremely hard keeping track of expenses and making many sacrifices when necessary.

Our family was able to meet our goals of becoming debt free, in 22 months, two months earlier than expected. We paid off over $25,000 of debt.

Since that time, our family has been determined to remain debt free and have followed Dave Ramsey’s, Total Money Makeover Plan.  To this day we remain debt free, saving and paying for everything with cash, to include saving for a 100% down payment for a home. We are currently at 83% of reaching our housing goal. (Current target amount is $150,000.)

Carole and I have facilitated Financial Peace University classes at Fort Campbell, Bethel Community Church and the surrounding community. The results have been outstanding. As of today over 225 Soldiers, Civilians, and their families have graduated, reporting a $1.7 million change in position. This represents money saved and debts paid during the 13 week Financial Readiness Training.

Our heart is to see others become free from the bondage that debt represents and to encourage contentment along with wealth building. We are dedicated to spreading a message of hope to all and are reaching that goal one family at a time.

Beyond Veterans Day

I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes.

I had heard this particular Army story numerous times, and I didn’t care to sit through it again. So I tuned out.

To make matters worse, I found myself a little annoyed that everyone else was hanging on every detail. And that my husband was enjoying the obvious fascination of his audience.

Beyond selfish, right?

It’s not a moment I’m proud of. And though I was much younger then, it’s still no less uncomfortable to recall. Especially given that my husband is as selfless as they come.

Over the years, experience has shown me that there have been times in my married life when I have been slow to recognize my husband’s selflessness. Like when he gave up a job he loved to take a job that moved me closer to my family. And when he gave up four walls of his own to live on base because it was easier for the kids and me. Or the fact that he has willingly given up a more lavish lifestyle so I could be a stay-at-home mom.

I could go on, but the point is that I got it completely wrong all those years ago. I was so wrapped up in me that I missed what was in it for everyone else. People enjoy hearing my husband’s stories because he is an accomplished soldier who has done amazing things in places most of us will never go. They revere him and his fellow soldiers who willingly sacrifice their own comfort and safety to protect the comfort and safety of people they have never met.

He enjoys telling the stories because he is a patriot to his very core, and he is hard-wired with a love for our great nation. It isn’t a matter of gloating over his accomplishments. Rather his stories usually end with some lesson or truth that Americans should never forget.

This lesson seems relevant now as our communities prepare to celebrate Veterans Day. Just as our nation makes a point to recognize our heroes and their service to our nation, so should we recognize their service in our homes. Just as our citizens pause to acknowledge a debt we can never repay, so will I remember that the opportunity to serve alongside him is a privilege.

But I will choose to do it often. Not once a year. Not once a month. But as often as it springs to mind. I have made it my business to be the most enthusiastic listener he ever had.

And never, ever will I roll my eyes again.